Update 2 – 12/13

So today the oncologist came by and confirmed that tomorrow we are for sure starting chemo. (yay) Today Evan had a picc line placed, an MRI (to see if the cancer has spread to the brain..which we are still awaiting the results), and a specific ultrasound that confirmed that there is a mass in his liver. Tomorrow, they will biopsy this mass and the chemo will be started. The reason the doctor is eager to start the chemo is because regardless of any of these results, the chemo will be the same treatment no matter the results of the MRI or the biopsy. The oncologist informed us that the treatment plan for Evan will include 4 rounds of chemo, which each round will last 5 days. Within these 5 days he will receive the chemo up here at UW/SCCA and then be able to return home for 16 days. Then repeat this for 4 rounds total… this is what the oncologist is predicting at this time. Depending on the results, he may add or take away from these rounds. So that is the new info we received today..

Something that really made Ev happy today were all his visitors. Imagine 10+ PLU football players…in a SMALL hospital room… WHOA. But so sweet of all of them. It really lifted his spirits to have them all here. They brought him some cute stuffed animals and one of his favorite candy.. mike n ikes… he was definitely excited! Most importantly I think he realized even more how much he is loved, supported, and being prayed for during this hard journey.
He is even in shock about his gofundme account and how generous everyone has been. It really means the world to him and he wants you to know that everyone’s text, posts, donations, prayers, and love are beyond what he could have ever imagined!
Prayers that he will come through this chemo with minimal side effects would be appreciated!!
Thanks for reading….#evanstrong

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