Day 2 of Chemo – 12/15


Day two of chemo is still in progress…

Evan currently is watching the hawks with his buddies. He has been up dancing and crackin’ jokes all day. The doctors came in this morning and ask him how he was feeling. He made it clear that he was “super bored and I want to play xbox.” So the doctors gave us the go ahead and we are working on setting it up. He was SO excited when they told him. He immediately looked at me and asked when I was going home. He also told me to not forget any parts of the xbox. I assured him I would do my best…lol Another thing that he really made clear was that he missed Rollo. But he has been in such good hands.. Today Rollo went on a field trip to the capital with Pierce and now he is currently watching the game with Lauren and Pierce! We are so thankful for them..

Also, visitors are always welcome. However, chemo is starting to take its toll on Evan. While he loves having guests, he has told us that having more than 4 people can be a bit overwhelming. If you plan on stopping by please let us know ahead of time so we can let you know if this is a good time to visit. Thanks in advance for understanding.

As another point of clarification we have had a few people ask which site is better to donate through. Please contribute to his gofundme account rather than the caringbridge, as the funds from caringbridge do not go towards care. 

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