Day 3 of Chemo

Evan is snoozing away and has completed 2/3 bags of chemo for the night so far.. he started out playing his video games (thanks to Tanner, which he can now play “live” which means he can play with all his friends online) but then got really tired. So we are glad he is resting and that his pain is being controlled. He seems to be doing really well on the chemo so far. The only thing is he gets hiccups really frequently from his anti-nausea meds.

Today we went for walks around the hospital and even got to go outside but we weren’t out there too long because it was freezing and then he became super tired, but he was happy to get some fresh air. We later did another walk and found a cool look out of the mountains. Evan really liked that! Make sure to look at the picture below!
We were super glad to see that his appetite was a bit better today as well. He hasn’t been eating much. The nutritionist told us that the nurses can make him chocolate protein shakes with ice cream and needless to say that has been a hit. At his request his mom also picked him up a Chonga bagel from Starbucks. He said, “It was the best bagel I ever ate!!” We never can tell what oneliners Evan will say these days.
Thats about it for today! He’s just very tired but they said that would be common with the chemo. Ev is sleeping throughout the night really well. He only wakes up if the nurses have to wake him up for vitals or meds or if he’s in pain. We are changing some meds so hopefully his pain is more under control. And we are still waiting on the biopsy results so stay tuned…. but remember the results won’t change the treatment plan. It just helps for the future.
#evanstrong #emalsforevan

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