Day 4 of Chemo

Day 4 of chemo complete!!

This morning Evan didn’t feel good.. he said he felt terrible from the chemo. However, he did say that as the day went on, he felt better.
I asked him to help me write this entry and explain to me his day:
“It was boring. I laid around. Watched movies and played video games. But it was nice visiting with you, Maddie and Kaylee. I liked messing around with you guys.” (that was during the time his pain med kicked in ha)
From what his parents told me, he ate really well today again and of course that included another chonga bagel. They watched The Magnificent Seven and Sherlock Holmes, went for a lot of walks to prevent those blood clots, and saw some snow fall outside!!
Evan wanted me to go home last night so I could spend some time with our Rollo and our kitty pumpkin:) he really misses his little buddy but thanks to Emma Matz, one of Rollo’s favorite aunties, he now has a picture of Rollo in his room to remind him that he loves him and to keep being strong!
Another shout out to Pierce, once again, for being such a great friend and coming over to change Evan’s oil for him this morning!! What a guy!
Evan is really looking forward to going home Monday! Can’t believe tomorrow is day 5! He is being so strong and we are so proud of him!! Evan is still in shock that everyone is so giving, supportive, and generous towards him during this time! A big thanks to everyone!
Also my sister is currently collecting photos to create a video collage for Evan’s benefit dinner. Please send any pictures you have with Evan to

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