Day 6 Home From the Hospital!!

Today was a good day for all……. Evan got to come home from the hospital after finishing his first round of chemo. No one was more excited and ready to get out of the hospital than Evan…. He couldn’t stand it another minute to be away from Rollo (his beloved dog). He started full out at about 8am trying to storm the gates to get out of there. About 12:30 we were finally loaded and ready to head home. David and Eli came to visit this morning as well as Tammy and Rod Sebers. They made #Evanstrong bracelets and have been handing them out in support of Evan and as a reminder to keep Evan continually in prayer. All these acts of kindness have been so appreciated!

Evan’s pain has been under control today as well as his nausea. Hoping this trend will continue. He was even able to take Rollo for a short walk to the park. We are praying that the tumors will shrink quickly to the point that he won’t be continually struggling with the back pain.

Later some of the family came over to say hi as well as a few of Marissa’s friends that came bearing gifts. In one of the bags was Evan’s favorite food of choice lately which is a Chonga bagel from Starbucks!! Hoping he will be able to eat it. He is struggling with a lot of foods causing instant heartburn.

Rounding out the evening was a game of K2 with Garrett. He lost……. and there wasn’t even any yelling!!!

Getting ready to eat a little Mrs. Grass soup at 11:35 pm then off to bed.

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