Day 7.. home day two

It feels good to be home & be able to sleep in our own bed, thats for sure, and Heather is staying with us in the guest room! We had a pretty relaxed day! Heather and I were both able to make it to the gym.. which felt good to be back! Ev got to relax in his favorite recliner my parents recently gave him, play with Rollie, play xbox (Garrett is now 2 for and do whole lot of nothing:)  He continues to have a good appetite. However, he gets heartburn pretty bad.. 😦 Last night he had a craving for fries, which we were pretty excited about, but the heartburn ruined it.. hopefully we can talk with the doctor and see if there is something else we can do besides taking tums! Evan’s medication is controlling his pain really well and he hasn’t had to take any of his break through medications yet! YAY!

Overall, being home is really nice, especially during Christmas time and we are enjoying every minute of it!!
We are watching a movie and heading to bed!
Also, my sister Maddie is creating a video of photos for the upcoming benefit dinner. If you have any photos of Evan that you would like to see in it please send them to Thank you in advance!
And there has been some questions about when this dinner might be… we do not have a date yet but we will try to come up with one soon! Just sometime after the new year and everyone is welcome!!

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