Home day 3

Evan had another relaxing day at home! Overall, he had a pretty good day! He ate well, had less heartburn, he had pain med before bed last night and didn’t need it again until 5pm today! The only reason he started feeling pain was because we took Rollie for a walk and that sure takes a lot out of him. However, it’s good to get some fresh air and get the blood flowing, and of course play with Rollie:)

Today my grandpa across the street came to visit him, our good family friends, the Cox’s, who brought us another yummy salad, and the Hammond’s brought us soup, cookies, and fruit/veggies! So sweet of all of them! Evan loved visiting and enjoying their company!
He’s ending the day with some gaming with his friends online and cuddling with Rollie.
If anyone else wants to visit just let us know! He loves visitors but some days are better than others for Ev.
Christmas is in 4 days! Yay!! We are still so glad we can be home for Christmas!
We wanted to continue to thank everyone for their generous donations and for reaching out to us with all your kind words and prayers! It means so much!!

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