Home day 4

Another relaxing day at home with some good company! Evan got some good sleep and slept till 1 today ­čś┤ Auntie Kelli came to visit and brought some yummy treats and warm hugs!! Heather came back and helped ev sort through some paperwork/mail. We received a package from his Aunt Heidi and Uncle Fred which was so sweet of them! My dad, my sister & I went to go pick up the #evanstrong tshirts that my mom had custom made for Evan as part of his fundraiser. And they are awesome!! Maddie and Garrett did an amazing job designing them and we are excited to get them out to everyone! Look for details at the bottom! Ev took Rollie to the park ­čÖé┬áThen our┬áfriends Shayna & Gaige┬ácame over with their Great Dane puppy named Hardy, who is one of Rollie’s best buds!!! They had so much fun! And Evs good friend Sam was here too and they all had fun visiting and playing Xbox, of course!

We ended the night with a puzzle! Super fun, haven’t done one is a long time!
Ev continues to eat well & be in good spirits! His nausea and heartburn seem to be controlled, as well as his pain! I forgot that our family friends from yesterday the, Cox’s brought ev┬áginger, hard candies and ev loved/indicated that they helped too!! Thanks guys ­čÖé
We are so blessed with all the love and support everyone continues to give us! It means so much!
I’ll share the picture of the shirts down below! We haven’t received the bracelets yet but when we do, we are asking $20 for the shirt and bracelet! All proceeds will go towards Evans treatment funds!
Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you guys support Evan with your new shirt and bracelet!
The best way to do it will be to probably contact me so we can find a way to get the shirts to you/have you pick up/sizes etc! Here is my number text me/call me! I will get back to you:)

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