Home Day 5

Today was uneventful just like we like it! Evan had no pain meds today which is awesome. We have been spending a lot of time on the phone trying to get appointments set up, paperwork handled, insurance taken care of………. all the fun stuff NOT!!!

So after all that fun stuff, Evan had an afternoon of video games. His buddy Kyle went Christmas shopping and came bounding in the house a few hours later insisting that Evan open his Christmas present RIGHT NOW!!!! It of course was a new gaming headset complete with awesome sound which apparently allows you to hear the footsteps of people trying to sneak up on you!! Haha….. guess that is an awesome feature. And Evan also seemed to think it was awesome that he could no longer hear me talk to him while he was trying to game.. ūüė¶

Marissa and her sister were busy flitting around town buying last minute gifts and collecting food from her Gramma and Grandpa¬†in Port Orchard. They came home with quite the load. My personal favorite is Lumpia which I haven’t sampled yet because we have to cook them first… Can’t wait to try it as it could very well be my favorite food.

Evan fell asleep in his chair after a good bowl of potatoe soup tonight and is now in bed sleeping soundly. Each day home seems to get a little better and he is able to eat a bit more. Still is very tired but has been out for a few walks with Rollie which they both enjoy.

Tomorrow which is Christmas Eve promises to hold some special times with family and maybe even some fun surprises!! Guess you will all have to wait to see what Santa might bring.

To our family from Oregon that isn’t going to make it because rats chewed through some very important wires in the car, we will miss you all very much and can’t wait for you to get here for New Years!! And yes the story about the rats is true…. I don’t think I could make that up!!

That’s it for tonight….signing off¬† “Mom”

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