Sorry for the delay..

Guess it has been a few days since we checked in. We spent Christmas Eve across the street at Grandpa Fritz & Gramma Barb’s house with all of Marissa’s family. We had a great time but one of the highlights of the evening was Evan’s marriage proposal to Marissa. We were all in on the surprise and were able to put Evan’s idea into action and somehow managed to totally surprise Marissa. Not sure how that many people pulled off the surprise but we did!!! The rest of Christmas was tons of fun getting to know Marissa’s family even more and enjoying the day!

One of Evan’s favorite gifts was a new wall mounting bracket for his tv. It pulls off the wall and tips to make his gaming station complete!! We now spend our days listening to Evan yell loudly at the tv because he can’t hear himself with his new headphones… 🙂 (thanks to kyle)
Evan continues to have more and more appetite each day but is still very tired. They say that is to be expected.
Last night we spent going to the ER to have his PICC line (tubing that the chemo is administered through) checked. We thought there might be some infection starting and according to the docs and nurses, the PICC line isn’t anything we mess around with. It goes directly to his heart so infection is taken very seriously. They changed his dressing, did a culture of the fluid, drew blood and sent him home with antibiotics. He doesn’t have a fever or any other symptoms so “if” there is infection, it was just starting so we caught it at the best time.
Today (Tuesday) we started the day with a good visit with Bonnie and Ron Chase. Was good to see them….. their prayers and love are very much appreciated!! Then we had to drive to Seattle UW clinic to have the dressing changed again….. or at least that is what we thought. They decided they didn’t want to take off the dressing because every time you expose it to the air, there is infection risk. So…… we decided to take Evan to our new favorite Asian Restaurant which is Din Tai Fung………so good…… Then we started the long journey home through the oh so great Seattle traffic.
We rounded out the night watching the movie “Sky High” which was one of his favorite movies when he was a kid…..
Well that’s it….. we are looking forward to a visit from Grammie and Grampa Diller and Aunt Heidi and Uncle Fred at the end of the week….. so until then!!

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