half way done!!!

Well… Evan is officially half way through his chemo!!!!

Sorry we haven’t been keeping everyone up to date, been super busy with school. But I will try my best to keep up with it.
He did awesome and had very minimal side effects compared to his first round. Evan is getting more comfortable without his hair…. Even my dad and Kyle joined him:) It was quite the surprise when they showed up at the hospital to surprise him!
Once again he is happy to be home and he is enjoying every minute of it! He doesn’t have the heartburn like he did last time so his appetite isn’t horrible. His nausea wasn’t the best yesterday but today was a really good day! Despite the hawks losing…… he did NOT like that one bit.
Evan had a doctors appointment recently that revealed his regular blood work was normal:). We are suppose to get tumor marker/hcg/etc results soon (this will indicate how the chemo is working then they will do scans later, per UW protocol). We are praying that these have improved!!! I will keep you posted!
This week we have a couple doctors appointments for a dressing change and another check up with the Doctor! Evan isn’t looking forward to going back on the 25th for the 3rd round of chemo but we are making the best of it and continuing to pray and be positive!

We are looking forward to the auction coming up on February 11th! We have had some pretty amazing items donated and we cannot wait! We hope to see you all there! Don’t forget to RSVP! 🙂



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