January 17th

Today Evan had his appointment for a dressing change on his PICC line and the nurse said it was looking good, as usual! As the appointment came to an end, I asked her if there way ANY WAY she could look-up his tumor marker results that we really weren’t suppose to find out about until Friday but I couldn’t resist:)
She indicated that his HCG tumor marker was 221,059 when he was first diagnosed and now its 734!!!! That was such good news! I can’t explain the goose bumps I got when she told us! Evan was in shock but SO relieved. He has been so strong through this whole roller coaster and it was good to have results show that the chemo is working.
To somewhat explain what I know: this is basically one of the main ways to indicate “germ cell tumors” are present in the body. Normally in men and non-pregnant woman, this valuable is undetectable (aka is “0”). It is great news that this value has dropped so much and that the chemo is responding so well! As the chemo continues, this number should keep dropping! Keep the prayers coming!!
She also indicated that his ANC level, which I talked about a little bit in a previous post, is now 3.34! During Christmas time it was 0.5, so this is also great news! (The normal range is 1.5 to 8.0). This is basically the number that indicates how well his immune system can fight off infection.
Yay for these results! Since his levels were up and so were his spirits, we celebrated by going out to eat together since we haven’t in a while!
Evan has been enjoying his time at home and has been doing really good! We have figured out that if we are proactive with his anti-nausea meds, and prevent symptoms before they actually happen, it will be a good day! He doesn’t have a huge appetite but he’s eating really well since I basically make him eat lol I also got him some pedialyte to keep electrolytes and hydration stable!
Anyways, this was a very happy post and I was super excited to share it with you all!
Please continue to keep him in your prayers, it means so much!!

P.S. please remember to RSVP for the auction ASAP we have to give a solid number to the catering company! Hope to see you all there!

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