January 21

Yesterday was Evans appointment with the doctor and he was glad that we already knew the good news! He assured us that everything is going in the right direction and he is happy with the progress and how Evan has been feeling!
We went over the results again to make sure we were on the same page… 221,000 seemed really high for a tumor marker however, he shared with us that at one point it was even HIGHER!!! The 221,000 value was his HCG level when he first went to his doctor. When we checked into UW a week later it was over 460,000! Just in a week, it increased that much! Unbelievable right?? So the chemo is working even better than we thought!!
Since chemo kills the good and bad cells in your body, the ANC level (the good cells that fight off infection) that we talked about before, will always shoot way down after chemo. Even though the blood work right after his last round indicated that his ANC level was back up around 3.34, it is now 0.23 which is really low. The reason we didn’t see this drop until now is because the chemo takes some time to work in his system. That is why the 2 weeks in between each session is so important, so his body can build itself up before the next round.
These next couple days before he returns to the hospital are going to be, like they always are, “super chill,” like Ev would say! He is physically and mentally preparing for Wednesday and hes ready to continue his fight! He has been eating pretty good if you ask me! Whatever sounds good to him is what hes having, even if that means Spaghetti Factory, MSM, pagliacci’s pizza, teriyaki, bread, cheese, blue Gatorade, blackberries, pomegranates and raspberries (washed a million times), snicker doodles, salad (washed a million times again even if it says pre-washed haha), lemonade, pretzel sticks, cheddar ruffles, Chinese, the list goes on!! Which means hes eating alot YAY!!
I will do my best to update you all on Wednesday 🙂 Hope everyone is staying healthy!! Remember to use sanitizer every where you go lol sanitizer is our lives!!

Also we got some more AWESOME items donated for the auction!! Cannot wait! Shout out to everyone that’s helping make it happen and especially my mom!! Literally couldn’t do it without her! xoxo


OH and IF I calculated right the last day of Evan’s chemo is February 20th!!!!!! GO EV!

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