Today is another big day! I took Evan to UW around 930 to meet up with Reichie, check in and get settled into his room. I helped unpack his suitcase, make his bed (with his own blankets lol), and put some things away. The awesome nurse went over regular admit information with him and informed Ev that they were going to do an Xray of his chest as well as blood work as they always do before they start the chemo! This is to make sure the PICC line is still in the correct spot and that his blood counts are getting higher in order to keep fighting cancer! I had to leave to go to school but Evan texted me that his ANC came up to .73.. šŸ™‚ definitely still low, which is expected. However, progress is all that matters! And he didn’t mention anything about the PICC line, so I am assuming that all was good placement still with that!
This round of chemo we requested to try and start chemo earlier in the day opposed to late at night. Last round they would start at like 9pm and it wouldn’t be complete for the day until 3am! He hated it for many reasons but interrupting his sleep was the main problem. So they were understanding and he was able to start around 4pm today which was good to hear and I am assuming around 9pm tonight he will be complete with day 1!
That is all for today!! While Ev is working hard at beating cancer, I will be at clinical the next few days and I am bummed that I can’t be there! But I know hes already doing awesome and hes got this! Glad his parents can be there with him too!!

Rollie, Pumpkin & I are cheering for you! Love you EV!
xoxo #evanstrong

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