An Exciting Christmas Eve!

Salina here, Marissa and Evan’s friend! These two began dating back in our PLU days years ago and they have been inseparable ever since. Everyone has known these two would get married and we were just waiting for Evan to pop the question! In fact, Marissa even caught the bouquet at my wedding so I knew it was just a matter of time (;

As some of you know, Evan proposed to Marissa on Christmas Eve surrounded by their friends and family. It made for a memorable night that they will both remember forever.

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I just wanted to take this opportunity to give a shout out to Marissa. She has been Evan’s rock! She has never left his side, never lost faith, and has stayed positive despite the circumstances. She has showed so much unconditional love for him and I know that with her by his side, he will kick cancers butt!


Home day 4

Another relaxing day at home with some good company! Evan got some good sleep and slept till 1 today 😴 Auntie Kelli came to visit and brought some yummy treats and warm hugs!! Heather came back and helped ev sort through some paperwork/mail. We received a package from his Aunt Heidi and Uncle Fred which was so sweet of them! My dad, my sister & I went to go pick up the #evanstrong tshirts that my mom had custom made for Evan as part of his fundraiser. And they are awesome!! Maddie and Garrett did an amazing job designing them and we are excited to get them out to everyone! Look for details at the bottom! Ev took Rollie to the park 🙂 Then our friends Shayna & Gaige came over with their Great Dane puppy named Hardy, who is one of Rollie’s best buds!!! They had so much fun! And Evs good friend Sam was here too and they all had fun visiting and playing Xbox, of course!

We ended the night with a puzzle! Super fun, haven’t done one is a long time!
Ev continues to eat well & be in good spirits! His nausea and heartburn seem to be controlled, as well as his pain! I forgot that our family friends from yesterday the, Cox’s brought ev ginger, hard candies and ev loved/indicated that they helped too!! Thanks guys 🙂
We are so blessed with all the love and support everyone continues to give us! It means so much!
I’ll share the picture of the shirts down below! We haven’t received the bracelets yet but when we do, we are asking $20 for the shirt and bracelet! All proceeds will go towards Evans treatment funds!
Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you guys support Evan with your new shirt and bracelet!
The best way to do it will be to probably contact me so we can find a way to get the shirts to you/have you pick up/sizes etc! Here is my number text me/call me! I will get back to you:)

Home Day 5

Today was uneventful just like we like it! Evan had no pain meds today which is awesome. We have been spending a lot of time on the phone trying to get appointments set up, paperwork handled, insurance taken care of………. all the fun stuff NOT!!!

So after all that fun stuff, Evan had an afternoon of video games. His buddy Kyle went Christmas shopping and came bounding in the house a few hours later insisting that Evan open his Christmas present RIGHT NOW!!!! It of course was a new gaming headset complete with awesome sound which apparently allows you to hear the footsteps of people trying to sneak up on you!! Haha….. guess that is an awesome feature. And Evan also seemed to think it was awesome that he could no longer hear me talk to him while he was trying to game.. 😦

Marissa and her sister were busy flitting around town buying last minute gifts and collecting food from her Gramma and Grandpa in Port Orchard. They came home with quite the load. My personal favorite is Lumpia which I haven’t sampled yet because we have to cook them first… Can’t wait to try it as it could very well be my favorite food.

Evan fell asleep in his chair after a good bowl of potatoe soup tonight and is now in bed sleeping soundly. Each day home seems to get a little better and he is able to eat a bit more. Still is very tired but has been out for a few walks with Rollie which they both enjoy.

Tomorrow which is Christmas Eve promises to hold some special times with family and maybe even some fun surprises!! Guess you will all have to wait to see what Santa might bring.

To our family from Oregon that isn’t going to make it because rats chewed through some very important wires in the car, we will miss you all very much and can’t wait for you to get here for New Years!! And yes the story about the rats is true…. I don’t think I could make that up!!

That’s it for tonight….signing off  “Mom”

Home day 3

Evan had another relaxing day at home! Overall, he had a pretty good day! He ate well, had less heartburn, he had pain med before bed last night and didn’t need it again until 5pm today! The only reason he started feeling pain was because we took Rollie for a walk and that sure takes a lot out of him. However, it’s good to get some fresh air and get the blood flowing, and of course play with Rollie:)

Today my grandpa across the street came to visit him, our good family friends, the Cox’s, who brought us another yummy salad, and the Hammond’s brought us soup, cookies, and fruit/veggies! So sweet of all of them! Evan loved visiting and enjoying their company!
He’s ending the day with some gaming with his friends online and cuddling with Rollie.
If anyone else wants to visit just let us know! He loves visitors but some days are better than others for Ev.
Christmas is in 4 days! Yay!! We are still so glad we can be home for Christmas!
We wanted to continue to thank everyone for their generous donations and for reaching out to us with all your kind words and prayers! It means so much!!

Day 7.. home day two

It feels good to be home & be able to sleep in our own bed, thats for sure, and Heather is staying with us in the guest room! We had a pretty relaxed day! Heather and I were both able to make it to the gym.. which felt good to be back! Ev got to relax in his favorite recliner my parents recently gave him, play with Rollie, play xbox (Garrett is now 2 for 2..lol) and do whole lot of nothing:)  He continues to have a good appetite. However, he gets heartburn pretty bad.. 😦 Last night he had a craving for fries, which we were pretty excited about, but the heartburn ruined it.. hopefully we can talk with the doctor and see if there is something else we can do besides taking tums! Evan’s medication is controlling his pain really well and he hasn’t had to take any of his break through medications yet! YAY!

Overall, being home is really nice, especially during Christmas time and we are enjoying every minute of it!!
We are watching a movie and heading to bed!
Also, my sister Maddie is creating a video of photos for the upcoming benefit dinner. If you have any photos of Evan that you would like to see in it please send them to evanstrong5@gmail.com. Thank you in advance!
And there has been some questions about when this dinner might be… we do not have a date yet but we will try to come up with one soon! Just sometime after the new year and everyone is welcome!!

Day 6 Home From the Hospital!!

Today was a good day for all……. Evan got to come home from the hospital after finishing his first round of chemo. No one was more excited and ready to get out of the hospital than Evan…. He couldn’t stand it another minute to be away from Rollo (his beloved dog). He started full out at about 8am trying to storm the gates to get out of there. About 12:30 we were finally loaded and ready to head home. David and Eli came to visit this morning as well as Tammy and Rod Sebers. They made #Evanstrong bracelets and have been handing them out in support of Evan and as a reminder to keep Evan continually in prayer. All these acts of kindness have been so appreciated!

Evan’s pain has been under control today as well as his nausea. Hoping this trend will continue. He was even able to take Rollo for a short walk to the park. We are praying that the tumors will shrink quickly to the point that he won’t be continually struggling with the back pain.

Later some of the family came over to say hi as well as a few of Marissa’s friends that came bearing gifts. In one of the bags was Evan’s favorite food of choice lately which is a Chonga bagel from Starbucks!! Hoping he will be able to eat it. He is struggling with a lot of foods causing instant heartburn.

Rounding out the evening was a game of K2 with Garrett. He lost……. and there wasn’t even any yelling!!!

Getting ready to eat a little Mrs. Grass soup at 11:35 pm then off to bed.

Day 5 of chemo! First round complete

Today was a busy and festive day for Evan! We hung out, did some walking and much to our surprise had a visit from Santa Claus!!🎄A cancer survivor has organized a Christmas giving for five years now, where gifts are donated for patients and their families to have Christmas presents! So generous and amazing!

Evan had episodes where he felt ok, felt nauseous, felt really run down. Just trying to muster through his Fifth day.. so proud of him!!

His good friend, Chad Triplett was by for a visit and brought him an XBOX game to play, 2K.. hoop I’m told:)

Then another good friend, Garrett Matz, Madison’s boyfriend, brought him a snowboarding XBOX game.. lifetime.. boy do these guys know the way to Evan’s heart.. oh my!!😂😂 He was pumped!!! Needless to say👍🏽👍🏽
In addition, my Gramma Barb came to visit and my Auntie Kourtney with Evan’s littlest/ biggest fan, Estella Rose🌹 She has a hard time pronouncing his name.. Evan, so she calls him “onion”!! Too cute! “I yuv you, Onion!” Just kinda makes you melt and feel better even for just a short time..

Hopefully, Evan will be able to go home tomorrow and return in 16 days for his second round of in-patient chemo. Evan is so excited to see Rollo🐶 he just can’t wait!!

Thank you so much for the outpouring love, support, prayers and generosity from all our friends and families… honestly, we wouldn’t be where we are today- Evan completing his first round without all of you! Please continue to pray for us to be strong and for God’s grace to get us through this.💕

Some people have mentioned they would love to bring us dinner while we are home.. thank you so much, what a generous and wonderful idea!